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Products/Services: Virtual Paralegal Services

Granite State Paralegal Services LLC

Granite State Paralegal Services can unite skills and experience with the needs of attorneys. Today’s technology has changed how attorneys and paralegals communicate and work together-we now have options to structure a workflow that is very different from the traditional law firm of the past. Attorneys who use our virtual paralegal services on a contract basis realize significant savings over the employee staffing model of traditional law firms.

  • Minimizing overall costs associated with full-time staff and other overhead costs
  • Maximizing efficiency and productivity of today’s law practices
  • Deliver prompt, professional and invaluable paralegal services to all law firm regardless of size, structure, or budget

Over 25 Years of Experience

Granite State Paralegal Services was formed as a virtual alternative to specialized paralegal support for attorneys.  With over 25 years of experience in many areas of law, with a primary focus on civil litigation in New Hampshire, we provide our clients with access to a deep and broad set of capabilities, capabilities you would expect in a large law firm. 

We establish long-term relationships with our clients and create continuity and stability that short-term staffing agencies cannot provide.

Granite State Paralegal Services is committed to providing comprehensive and high-quality paralegal services in an efficient, accurate and timely manner to New Hampshire’s diverse attorney based while remaining ethical, professional and attentive.

If your office has all of today’s electronic technologies, then Granite State Paralegal Services is right for you.

For more information about how Granite State Paralegal Services LLC please call 603-860-7268 or visit our website.